Pixel Piece Fruits Tier List

Pixel Piece Fruits Tier List provides an overview of the best Pixel Piece Fruits for different users. It includes information on the benefits and features of each fruit, as well as tips and advice on how to choose the right one for you. The list is updated regularly to ensure that it is always current and comprehensive.

Pixel Piece Fruits Tier List – All Pixel Fruits ranked from Tier S (best in the game) to Tier C (worst in the game)

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Pixel Piece Fruits Tier List – Rank

S Tier

Tier S are the best Pixel Fruits of the game, really OP:

  • Hie – Logia – 7 Skills – Mythical
  • Mera-Mera – Logia – 7 Skills – Mythical

A Tier

Tier A is quite good Pixel Fruits, not the best but almost

  • Bomb-Bomb – Paramecia – 4 Skills – Rare

B Tier

Tier B is average Pixel Fruits, choose them if you like them:

  • Smooth-Smooth – Paramecia – 2 Skills –  Uncommon
  • Cry-Cry – Paramecia –  3 Skills –  Uncommon

C Tier

Tier C is below the average Pixel Fruits, so if you use them, let it be because you like them a lot.:

  • Suke-Suke – Paramecia –  2 Skills  – Common
  • Spin-Spin – Paramecia – 3 Skills – Common
  • Kilo-Kilo – Paramecia – 6 Skills – Common

Pixel Piece Fruits Tier List – Skills

  • Suke-Suke Skills
    • Skill Z : Self Invisible – User becomes invisible for a set amount of time
    • Skill X : Party Invisible – User grants party members the ability to turn invisible by force
  • Spin-Spin Skills
    • Skill Z : Spinning Disaster – User spins at tornado like speeds, damaging anything in their way
    • Skill X : Spinning Assault – User Spins arms around at tremendous speeds dealing hefty damage
    • Skill C : Spinning Flight – User spins legs around like a helicopter allowing the play to go air-born and fly anywhere
  • Kilo-Kilo Skills
    • Skill Z : Kilo Walk – User runs around and stomps on the ground to trample over anyone near them.
    • Skill X : Kilo Crash – User uses immense force on their foot to tremble the ground around them
    • Skill C : 1,000kg – User slams into the ground as if their a giant Boulder
    • Skill V : 10,000kg – User slams into the ground as if they are a meteorite
    • Skill E : Kilo Rise – User rises into the air as if they are weightless
    • Skill R : Kilo Force – User’s M1 damage is slightly enhanced
  • Smooth-Smooth Skills
    • Skill Z : Smooth Floor – User zooms across the ground on a seemingly smooth surface
    • Skill X : Smooth Push – User zooms forwad quickly, making anyone in their path slip on the ground
  • Cry-Cry Skills
    • Skill Z : Kenpopo – User sends projectiles to target location
    • Skill X : Chiyupopo – User gets on knees and begins crying, nearby teammates will be healed from this but user will lose health
    • Skill C : Hogopopo – allows the user to be in a state of near-intangibility
  • Bomb-Bomb Skills
    • Skill Z : Bomb Shot – The user shoots a bomb pellet toward the direction they’re facing
    • Skill X : Bomb Rush – User ignites the bomb under their feet and accelerates towards an aimed position on release
    • Skill V : Bomb Destruct – User becomes a nuke
    • Skill E : Bomb Booster – User flies like Bakugan
  • Mera-Mera Skills
    • Skill Z : Flame Snap – The user Snaps and a flame is emitted from the user’s fist
    • Skill T : Flame Flight – The user flips into the air and emits fire from their feet, user is now able to take traveling from the ground to the air
    • Skill X : Shinka Shiranui – User Leaps into the air and crashes down with a flaming boom to wherever their cursor is aimed to
    • Skill C : Flame Repulse – User leaps into the air and throws fire directly under themselves, stunning anyone under the fire
    • Skill V : Dai Enkai Entei – User summons a small flaming ball over their head and is able to charge it in order to become bigger
    • Skill E : Hiken – User throws a ball of flames to wherever their cursor is aimed at
    • Skill R : Hono No Hashira – User summons a flame pillar and is able to move it foward
  • Hie-Hie Skills
    • Skill Z : Ice Hawk – Users fires an ice hawk towards direction they are facing
    • Skill T : Ice Ice – User skates on ice
    • Skill X :  Ice Spears – User summons ice spears to rain from above in any spot they are aiming at.
    • Skill C : Ice Hammer – User summons ice hammer to slam down in front of them.
    • Skill V : Ice Stomp – User stomps to summon a ice wall in front of them.
    • Skill E : Frozen Time – User summons ice beneath themself to freeze anyone or anything near themt
    • Skill R : Ultimate Stomp – User summons 3 Large ice walls to erupt in front of them


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