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PLS DONATE codes are unique donation codes that allow businesses to donate money to a chosen charity. When a business creates a PLS DONATE code, it provides the code to its customers, who can then use it to donate money to the chosen charity. PLS DONATE codes are an easy and convenient way for businesses to raise money for their favorite charities, and they are often very popular with customers.


PLS DONATE Codes – Full List

Valid Codes

Redeem these codes for some Items, and more gift to improve

These are NO valid codes, 

  • No codes availables, stay tunned!

There are currently no codes in the game, we will let you know as soon as they are announced and the first one comes out. We hope that it will be in the next few weeks, so we recommend that you visit us from time to time to see if we have updated this article.

We will keep this codes list updated, stay tuned

PLS DONATE social media channels:

  • Twitter: @secrethazem
  • Discord channel:
  • Youtube: ??
  • Join Roblox Group:
  • Group @haz3mn! More Games:

PLS DONATE Expired Codes

These codes don’t work anymore:

PLS DONATE Codes FAQ – How to Redeem?

These are the steps to redeem codes:

  1. Launch Roblox PLS DONATE on your PC or mobile device
  2. No codes button on the on the screen (stay tunned in future)
  3. We will show you codes when Roblox PLS DONATE game show them

See how the youtuber Gaming Dan Redeems these codes in this video:

How to play PLS DONATE? Roblox Game by @haz3mn.

Welcome to PLS DONATE!

Description > PLS DONATE is a game where you can claim stands and make it say anything you want! You can donate or make Robux by having clothing or gamepasses on sale. Your items for sale will automagically appear on your stand!

Donations are done through clothing and gamepass sales, which can take up to a week to receive. The Robux shown in-game is the price at the time of sale. The Robux you receive may be less due to Roblox taxes. You can see your pending Robux here:

Please consider liking and favoriting the game for more updates, also join the Quataun group for future perks!

  • Game Design: @haz3mn (Roblox)
  • Programming: @fewkz, @haz3mn (Roblox)
  • Map & Models: @Candelzoo (Roblox)
  • Booth Models: @NOR0i, @Cupiful
  • Sound Design: @HomeBrewDev (Roblox)
  • Visual Effects: @kirbyzaz (Roblox)
  • Digital Distribution: Quataun (Roblox group)

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PLS DONATE, by @haz3mn., Roblox Game Site > Here


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