Pokemon Go Meteor Beam stats

Pokemon Go Meteor Beam stats. Damage for PVP and PVE of the attack, within the game Pokemon Go, find info here!

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Pokemon Go Meteor Beam stats

Good news! We already have the statistics of the Meteoric Beam attack, whether you are an expert Pokemon trainer or if you are just starting out, compare the statistics with other attacks or you can see a review of this attack to know how good it can be, when your Pokemon learns it, at the end of the article you can see a review of the Youtuber SwagTips (you can change the language of the subtitles, in the configuration section, we thank the creator for the explanation). Please note that this information will not be true/real until the information found in the game source is applied.

Meteor Beam has had its stats added! Meteor Beam

  • PvP
    • Damage: 120
    • Energy : -60
    • Buffs : 100%
    • Chance +1 Self Attack
  • PvE
    • Damage : 140
    • Energy : -100
    • Duration : 1.9s
    • Damage Start : 1.0s
    • Damage End : 1.9s

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