Project Slayers Beast Breathing – Location, Moves & More

Project Slayers Beast Breathing is a new feature in the upcoming Slayers Online game that allows players to control the breathing of their characters. By pressing the “B” button, players can increase or decrease the airflow rate of their characters, which can be used to increase or decrease the intensity of their attacks. This feature was designed to help players who are struggling to deal with difficult battles and tough opponents by giving them the ability to adjust their attack strategy accordingly.

Project Slayers Beast Breathing – Location, Moves & More – Unlock Beast Breathing Style and master its moves

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Project Slayers Beast Breathing – Trainer Location

How to unlock Mist Breathing: From the Beast Trainer, at Map 2. Map 2 requires level 75, once you get access find the secret cave (check the video guide). You can check the map, but if you need extra help with the location check this video guide from XenoTy:

Beast Breathing Requirements

The minimum requirement to learn the Beast breathing is level 75 (to access Map 2), and you will also need 10k wen and 150 Demon Horns

If you don’t know how to get Demon Horns: Killing a demon grants you one Demon Horn. This is the most common way of acquiring Demon Horns. Even so, chests have a rare chance to drop Demon Horns

After finding the Secret cave and the Beast Trainer at Map 2 you will have to complete some quests, the last one is “Defeat Inosuke”

Project Slayers Beast Breathing – Moves

There are a total of x6 movements:

  • 1st Move – Pierce: The user thrusts forward with both blades.
  • 2nd Move – Crazy Cutting: The user somersaults forward and unleashes a frenzied flurry of slashes in all directions.
  • 3rd Move – Bending Slash: The user dislocates the joints of their arm to increase the range of their attack and performs a fast swinging 360° strike.
  • 4th Move – Throwing Strike: The user throws both of their blades towards the enemy, charges forward, and retrieve it.
  • 5th Move – Devouring Slash: The user lunges forward in a spinning motion and swings both of their blades upward.
  • 6th Move –  Devouring Rush: The user rushes forward and stabs their target with both of their blades, throws the target high up into the air, and unleashes an overhead, simultaneous double slash that creates an X-shaped cut.

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