Project Slayers Flame Breathing – Location, Moves & More

The principle behind the flame breathing technique is simple: by breathing fire, Master Lee can create an intense heat that can quickly destroy his opponents. This heat is also capable of melting metal objects, which makes it an effective weapon against hostile combatants who are armed with metal weapons or armor.

Project Slayers Flame Breathing – Location, Moves & More – Unlock Flame Breathing Style and master its moves

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Project Slayers Flame Breathing – Trainer Location

How to unlock Flame Breathing: From the Flame Trainer, at Wop City. Wop City requires level 50, once you get access, to find it you just have to go to where the red marker is on the map. You can check the map, but if you need extra help with the location check this video guide from Auratix:

Flame Breathing Requirements

Must be first unlocked from killing Rengoku(again lol) (10% chance) then unlocked with mastery

The minimum requirement to learn breathing is level 50 (to access Wop City), and you will also need 10k wen and 150 Demon Horns

If you don’t know how to get Demon Horns: Killing a demon grants you one Demon Horn. This is the most common way of acquiring Demon Horns. Even so, chests have a rare chance to drop Demon Horns

Project Slayers Flame Breathing – Moves

There are a total of x6 movements:

  • 1st Move – Rising Scorching: The user unleashes a long-range Flame slash toward the enemy damaging them
  • 2nd Move – Unknowing Fire: The user dashes to and slashes the opponent with a 360-degree strike, damaging them.
  • 3rd Move – CBlooming Flame Undulation: The user slashes the entire area around them dealing a lot of damage to the enemy.
  • 4th Move – Blazing Universe: The user quickly jumps in the air and unleashes Downwards Flame Slash when landing.
  • 5th Move – Move Flame Tiger: The user unleashes a 2 flame slash ending with a Flame Tiger slash hitting the enemy and damaging them.
  • 6th Move –  Move Purgatory: The user Dashs to the opponent doing a Downward slash Stabbing the opponent and twisting the hilt then throwing the opponent away enemy dealing massive damage.

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