Project Slayers Mist Breathing – Location, Moves & More

Project Slayers Mist Breathing is a breathing exercise designed to increase your strength and endurance. The exercise involves inhaling and exhaling through your mouth and nose, in a controlled manner, for a set period of time. By doing this regularly, you are training your body to use more oxygen and improve your stamina and endurance. The goal of Project Slayers Mist Breathing is to help you become stronger and healthier both physically and mentally, so you can live a life free from fear and intimidation.

Project Slayers Mist Breathing – Location, Moves & More – Unlock Mist Breathing Style and master its moves

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Project Slayers Mist Breathing – Trainer Location

How to unlock Mist Breathing: From the Mist Trainer, at Map 2. Map 2 requires level 75, once you get access find the elderly NPC with white hair and a beard. You can check the map, but if you need extra help with the location check this video guide from XenoTy:

Mist Breathing Requirements

The minimum requirement to learn the Mist breathing is level 75 (to access Map 2), and you will also need 10k wen and 150 Demon Horns

If you don’t know how to get Demon Horns: Killing a demon grants you one Demon Horn. This is the most common way of acquiring Demon Horns. Even so, chests have a rare chance to drop Demon Horns

After finding the elderly NPC with white hair and a beard at Map 2 you will have to complete some quests, the last one is “Defeat Tokito”

Project Slayers Mist Breathing – Moves

There are a total of x6 movements:

  • 1st Move – Cloud and Haze: The user dashes forwards whilst continuously slashing anyone in their path in an inconspicuous manner
  • 2nd Move – Eight Layered Mist: The user executes a series of 7 rapid mist-imbued slashes with the 8th one both knocking back the opponent and dealing more damage
  • 3rd Move – Distant Haze: The user envelopes the area in a growing bubble of mist. Once the key is let go anyone within the bounds of the mist will have the user appear in front of them and pierce their abdomen
  • 4th Move – Shifting Flow Slash: The user performs an arched upward slash
  • 5th Move – Lunar Dispersing Mist: The user ascends to a higher altitude before firing ranged, mist-imbued slashes
  • 6th Move –  Obscuring Clouds: The user envelopes the surrounding area within a domain of mist. They remain completely undetectable whilst still being able to attack.

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