Roblox Black Adam Trivia Answers

Black Adam is a supervillain in the Roblox game world who first appeared in the game Robloxity Unleashed in May of 2016. He is a member of the Sinestro Corps and a rival of the Green Lantern Corps. Black Adam’s character has been heavily influenced by the DC Comics character of the same name, who is also a supervillain.

Roblox Black Adam Trivia Answers – All the Questions and Answers to unlock some Black Adam-themed avatar items

A new Roblox game based on the Black Adam Movie, from Warner Bros. It does not have redeemable codes, but it does have fun challenges that you will have to complete to receive your rewards. One of the most interesting is Trivia, and below we show you all the questions, along with the correct answers, so you can get 5 exclusive avatar items, and create a path of destruction.

Roblox Black Adam Trivia Answers – Full List

These are all the Questions and answers:

  • How long was Black Adam imprisoned – 5,000 years
  • Who is trying to stop Black Adam – Justice Society
  • Why was Black Adam Imprisoned – He used his powers for vengeance
  • When was the Justice Society formed – During World War III
  • What is Black Adam’s True Identity – Teth-Adam
  • What is Hawkman’s true identity – Carter Hall
  • Name the Character – Cyclone
  • Doctor Fate says his powers are – A Curse
  • Dr. Fate was a founding member of the Justice Society – True
  • How did Cyclone get her powers – She was experimented on by evil scientists
  • Black Adam is also known as – Mighty Adam
  • What is Atom Smasher’s ability – He can change his molecular structure

We will keep this article updated and add more Trivia solutions as soon as they are added by the game creators. If you discover an answer before we do, you can share it with the rest of the players in the comments, we will give you credits

About Black Adam Experience

lack Adam has appeared on Roblox and there is nothing on this planet that can stop him.

Join the Black Adam experience to test your knowledge in the trivia hall, unlock 5 exclusive avatar items, and create a path of destruction.

See Black Adam in theaters October 21st!

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