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Shuudan Controls – PC Keyboard controls for player and goalie – Guarding, Dribbling, Sprint, Header, Dive, Corner Dive and more

Shuudan! is a game based on the popular anime Blue Lock. This game will have two game modes Closed Community and Public.

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Shuudan Controls – PC Desktop

These are all the Player and Goalie Controls:

Player PC Keyboard Controls

  • W = Jog
  • W + Shift = Sprint
  • Sprint + Q = Slide
  • G = Guarding
  • F = Pass Ping
  • Z = Dribble Left
  • X = Dribble Front
  • C = Dribble Right
  • V = Dribble Back
  • Dribble Keys + M2 = Dribble Skill
  • Left Control = Shot Type/Style
  • E = Pass
  • E + Mouse Near Teammate = Auto-Aimed Pass
  • R = OverHead
  • M1 + Jump = Header
  • Hold M1 = Charge Shot
  • Release M1 = Shoot

Goalie PC Keyboard Controls

  • Space = Dive Up
  • Space + A = Dive Left
  • Space + D = Dive Right
  • Left Click = Corner Dive Left
  • Right Click = Corner Dive Right

In case you need other issues common to all Roblox games, such as graphics, recording videos, and so on, check out these controls:

  • Equip Tools: 1,2,3…
  • Unequip Tools: 1,2,3…
  • Drop Tool: Backspace
  • Use Tool: Left Mouse Button
  • Screenshot: Print Screen
  • Record Video: F12
  • Dev Console: F9
  • Mouselock: Shift
  • Graphics level: F10
  • Fullscreen: F11
  • Perf Stats: Ctrl + Shift + F7
  • Roblox Menu: Esc
  • Backpack: º
  • Player list: Tab
  • Chat: –

Shuudan Controls – Video Tutorial

This is the only Roblox Shuudan guide you’ll ever need, so make sure to watch it to learn everything you need to know in order to rank high on Roblox! I’ll cover everything from the basics to more advanced things, so don’t miss it :D.

It’s a broader guide, covering more than just PC controls. But it is highly recommended that you take a look at Duxsty’s tutorial, it will be useful for you whether you are a newbie or have been playing for a while


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