Signalis Office Wall Safe Code

The Signalis Office Wall Safe Code is a unique security code that allows you to access your safe from any device with internet access. The code is automatically generated when you create or register your safe, and it can be used to open the safe from anywhere in the world. You can also access the safe’s contents anytime, anywhere, by entering the code into your chosen device.

Signalis Office Wall Safe Code – A guide to find the Office Wall Safe Code and solve the puzzle to open the safe and get the treasure inside

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Video Guide

Perhaps the easiest thing is to watch a video how to complete the puzzle. Although of course we leave you all the explanations in the next section. But if you want to go easy, start with this video guide from Mista FiOth

If after watching the video you want more information to understand the logic of the puzzle, continue reading in the next section

Signalis Office Wall Safe Code

You will be completely prepared to locate the code once you have unlocked the Butterfly Box and completed that tale part. The Wall Safe is one of the final items to worry about in that chapter of the game, so don’t worry about it just yet.

Following the Butterfly Box tale part, you will be able to receive radio frequencies ranging from 50 to 250 kHz.

To begin, return to the West Wing and enter the Interrogation Room, located at the top left of the Northwest Corridor. You will enter a very bloody room with a piece of paper on one of the surfaces. There is a list of frequencies on the document, each with an item preceding it.

If you look attentively at the Wall Safe, you’ll notice a tree symbol, the manufacturer’s emblem, or anything similar. Using that connection, set your radio’s frequency to 184.000, the same frequency as the ‘tree.’

You will be given a five-digit code. That five-digit number will be the safe’s code. As previously, go to the Wall Safe in the Office and enter those five digits before pushing the ‘enter’ button on the safe’s keypad. It will be opened. Click on the dial on the left to unlock it and discover the prize inside.


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