Soul Tide Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

The Tier List is an optional feature, and subscribers can choose to receive any or all of the items on the Tier List. If you choose to receive the Tier List, you will be notified each month which items are included in the box, and you will also have the opportunity to vote on which items you would like to see in future months.

Soul Tide Tier List – Looking for updated Soul Tide Tier List? Then you’re on the right page, because below we show you our ranking of the best characters in Soul Tide in the current game meta.

Soul Tide Tier List – Ranking Meaning

Tier S (Top Characters) These are the most powerful characters available in Soul Tide. Get it ASAP and upgrade to the highest level.

Tier A (Strong Characters) If you want to clear dungeons with ease, get these soul tide dolls. While not as OP as the S tier, they are still very strong and good at everything in the game.

Tier B ( Decent Characters) These are also great to use if you don’t have access to some of the higher rated characters. You’ll do well, although it won’t be that easy.

Tier C (Average Characters) These are your average Soul Tide characters. They’re not great, but they’re not completely useless either. If you work harder on your strategy and your approach to certain dungeons and stages, you’ll probably be fine.

Tier C (Weak Characters) In our opinion, these have to be some of the worst characters in the game right now. When you’re just starting out, they can be used up to a point where you’ll find it increasingly difficult to remove stuff. When this happens, it’s time to switch to something better.

Soul Tide Tier List – Best Characters in the Current Meta

Tier Soul Tide Character
S Colcher
A Akaset, Lilyiro, Mako Sakuya, Nicolette
B Asa Hoshimi, Asuna, Aurora, Ennis, Freesia, Minerdwen, Netsuki, Ruri Hagakure, Satya, Virginia
C Andrea, Benten Kanagi, Yuki Hazuki
D Juewa, Lavira, Lin

It can be seen that Kercher is currently the best character in “Soul Tide”, followed by: Red, Liliro, Sakuya Mako, and Nicolette.

We will update this leaderboard as the game progresses and receives new updates and patches. So these rankings are subject to change, with some characters moving up and down our Soulboom rankings.

About Soul Tide

Soul Tides is a mobile dungeon-crawling RPG developed and published by LemcnSun Entertainment. It was released globally on March 29, 2022, and is available for free download on Android and iOS devices

Soul Tide Games and Features

Soul Tide is a gacha game where you can collect many different anime girls, build your own home and explore dangerous dungeons. It takes place in a fantasy world cursed by an evil witch, and only you can save the world from destruction.


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