Spellforce Conquest Of Eo All Necromancer Recipes

Spellforce Conquest of Eo is an action role-playing game developed by Nordic Games and published by Paradox Interactive. It is the fourth installment in the Spellforce series, following Spellforce 2: The Lord of the Rings and Spellforce 3: The Dragon Campaign.

Spellforce Conquest Of Eo All Necromancer Recipes – all the Necromancer Recipes, ingredients, and soul requirements

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Spellforce Conquest Of Eo All Necromancer Recipes – Full List

These are all the Neceromancer Recipes, ingredients and soul requirements:

  • Skeleton Warriors Recipe = 3x Elemental (Orange) (Any soul)
  • Skeleton Archers Recipe = 3x Death (Purple) (Any soul)
  • Undead Mage Recipe = 3x Arcane Blue) (Any soul)
  • Flayed Ones Recipe = 6x Elemental (Orange) (Tier 2+ soul)
  • Skeleton Riders Recipe = 3x Elemental (Orange) 3x Death (Purple) (Tier 2+ soul)
  • Vampire Acolytes Recipe = 3x Elemental (Orange) 3x Arcane (Blue) (Tier 2+ soul)
  • Plaguebearers Recipe = 6x Death (Purple) (Tier 2+ soul)
  • Tormentors Recipe = 3x Death (Purple) 3x Arcane (Blue) (Tier 2+ soul)
  • Wraiths Recipe = 6x Arcane (Blue) (Tier 2+ soul)
  • Deathknights Recipe = 6x Elemental (Orange) (Tier 3+ soul)
  • Banshees Recipe = 6x Elemental (Orange) 3x Death (Purple) (Tier 3+ soul)
  • Emissary Of Calamity Recipe = 3x Elemental (Orange) 6x Death (Purple) (Tier 3+ soul)
  • Haunted Armor Recipe = 6x Elemental (Orange) 3x Arcane (Blue) (Tier 3+ soul)
  • Reapers Recipe = 3x Elemental (Orange) 6x Arcane (Blue) (Tier 3+ soul)
  • Draugr Giant Recipe = 9x Death (Purple) (Tier 3+ soul)
  • Blood Golem Recipe = 6x Death (Purple) 3x Arcane (Blue) (Tier 3+ soul)
  • Vampires Recipe = 3x Death (Purple) 6x Arcane (Blue) (Tier 3+ soul)
  • Spectres Recipe = 9x Arcane (Blue) (Tier 3+ soul)
  • Lich Recipe = 3x Elemental (Orange) 3x Death (Purple) 3x Arcane (Blue) (Tier 3+ soul)

The formulas function in threes. Skeleton Riders, for instance, need three Elemental and three Arcane; if you also have three or more Death, it will change into something else. 2 Death would be OK, but the recipe changes once you reach the 3, 6, or 9 barrier. If you have resources that are potent enough, you can make any of the recipes without having to unlock the fourth ingredient slot.

Spellforce Conquest Of Eo All Necromancer Recipes – Video

In case you have any questions about how the Necromancer recipes work, we leave you this video guide of Gamers Heroes

About the Game

In this turn-based strategy game set in the fantastic world of SpellForce, take up the mantle of your master as the heir to his mysterious wizard’s tower. Study a multitude of spells to cast over the lands around you, summon fantastical minions and train mighty warriors to roam the world. Fight in fast-paced but tactical turn-based battles.

Win over mighty heroes to go on adventures for you, find useful artefacts and ingredients or bring back riches. Seek out talented apprentices to expand your domain and workers to gather a wealth of resources for you. Unearth the secrets inherited from your master and follow his quest to tap and unleash the ultimate source of magical power – the Allfire!


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