Spiral Memoria Sosuke Okouchi Walkthrough

Sosuke Okouchi is the protagonist of the game Spiral Memoria, which is a visual novel adventure game. In this walkthrough, we will be providing a step-by-step guide on how to complete the game, from start to finish.

Spiral Memoria Sosuke Okouchi Walkthrough – Choices and Saves to complete the route and unlock all the endings (True & Normal)

Chapter 1

SAVE to complete all the CGs (each choice =  CG)

  • Pick Any
  • Space Tour Mountain
  • Bear Adventure Cart
  • The Ghost Ship of the Caribbean
  • Ask him the same question
  • Go to Osaka without telling Mom and Dad

Chapter 2

  • Pick Any
  • SAVE 2
  • Run Away with Okochi-kun to unlock the True Ending
  • Load Save 2
  • Don’t run away with Okochi-kun the Normal Ending

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