SPOILER, Who Is Ro Laren

Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 5: SPOILER, Who Is Ro Laren

Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 5: Ro Laren (Michelle Forbes), Picard’s (Patrick Stewart) renegade daughter, returned unexpectedly and violently in Episode 5 of Star Trek: Picard Season 3 as Starfleet arrived aboard the Titan to deal with Picard and Riker’s (Jonathan Frakes) disobedience. In the subsequent episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Picard and Ro discuss the chaotic state of their relationship after Ro fled Starfleet to join the Maquis in the previous episode. It is an exquisitely personal suspense. Before the most recent episode, Maggie Lovitt of Collider sat down with Picard Season 3 showrunner Terry Matalas to discuss this pivotal juncture in the Next Gen journey.

Lovitt questioned Matalas and the Season 3 writers as to whether this was always the intention for the season and whether any other characters were ever considered for this emotionally charged plot point. Lovitt emphasized how advantageous it was to bring Ro Laren back for this scene. But Matalas responded, “No, this story has always been about Ro Laren,” revealing that what occurred was always intended to occur.

According to Matalas, the proposal for this episode was a “paranoia thriller” involving someone with whom you have significant emotional baggage. As long as they could convince Forbes to return and convince the studio that this was a story worth telling, he explained, it would always be Ro Laren. Here is some information about pf picard season 3 episode 5.

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Who Is Ro Laren?

Ro Laren was first introduced in The Next Generation’s fifth season as a fiery and frequently argumentative Bajoran Starfleet officer who joined the Enterprise to avoid prison time after a court-martial. By the end of her tenure on the Enterprise, she and Picard had developed a father-daughter relationship, with Picard expressing immense pride in how much she had grown. Ro’s decision to follow her heart and join the Maquis (a rebel militia fighting the Cardassians—an extraterrestrial species that colonized Bajor and murdered 15 million Bajorans) caused a rather irreparable rift between herself and Picard the last time we saw them on screen.

To discover the truth and stop an enemy intent on destroying the Federation, Ro Laren, posing as a Section 31 spy investigating the Changelings’ infiltration of Starfleet, must overcome their shared suffering and work with Picard. “Imposters’” pulse-pounding suspense is made feasible by Ro’s history in espionage and her emotional connection to Picard. Ro is the optimal person to narrate this story. Every Thursday, new Season 3 episodes of Star Trek: Picard are released on Paramount+. When Episode 5 airs, be sure to view the entirety of Lovitt’s conversation with Matalas.

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