Steam Prison Ines Walkthrough

Steam Prison Ines is a challenging platformer game that requires quick reflexes and good timing to avoid obstacles and survive. The game is set in a prison filled with dark, hostile environments, and it is up to the player character Ines to find her way through the prison and escape before it’s too late. Along the way, Ines must overcome obstacles such as deadly traps and fierce creatures, all while avoiding the attention of the prison guards.

Steam Prison Ines Walkthrough – Follow our step by Step guide to unlocking all the available endings in Ines’s route

These are all the choices in order to unlock all the available endings in Ines’s route

Recommended walkthrough order: Eltcreed > Ulrik > Adage > Ines > Yune > Fin > Grand Ending

Other characters walkthrough: Yune Sekiei, Adage, Ulrik Ferrie, Eltcreed Valentine, Fin Euclase, Grand Ending

Steam Prison Ines Walkthrough – Common Route

  • Catch man
  • Is that the truth?
  • Suggest going together
  • That I have to be stronger
  • I couldn’t ask for that
  • He didn’t look like that to me
  • That’s a bit suspicious…
  • Turn down after all

Steam Prison Ines Walkthrough – Prisoner Route

  • Thank you very much (+Adage)
  • Yes, it is (+ Ines Affection)
  • I want to lay low
  • I will do better next time (+ Ines Affection)
  • That was the right decision (+Adage)

Steam Prison Ines Walkthrough – Ines Route

  • I would be glad to (+ Ines Affection)
  • I had a pleasant time (+ Ines Affection)
  • It’s good that we met on the street (+ Ines Affection)
  • Save 1
  • Thank you (+ Ines Affection)
  • It is delicious, after all (+ Ines Affection)
  • I will work hard (+ Ines Affection)
  • I think he’s fun (+ Ines Affection)
  • Thank you very much (+ Ines Affection)
  • It was bad regardless (+ Ines Affection)
  • I regret nothing (+ Ines Affection)
  • It’s unforgivable (+ Ines Affection)
  • Save 2
  • Trust Sir Ines
  • Save 3
  • I wish we had met before (+ Ines Affection)
  • I’ll go to sleep (+ Ines Affection)
  • Good idea (+ Ines Affection)
  • I understand how you feel (+ Ines Affection)
  • Lives in a different world (+ Ines Affection)
  • Let me have your back (+ Ines Affection)
  • Don’t let go of hope (+ Ines Affection)

The Fangs of a Hound Ending

  • Load Save 2
  • Maybe something went wrong
  • Call out Fin’s name
  • Try to block

Cold Block Ending

  • Load Save 3
  • Your old life sounds fun (- Ines Affection)
  • I can’t sleep yet (- Ines Affection)
  • I’ll show you the way (- Ines Affection)
  • You’re being weird (- Ines Affection)
  • I don’t know him well (- Ines Affection)

Always Faithful Ending

  • Load Save 3
  • I liked what you told me
  • I’m too worried
  • I want to go with you
  • This is kind of cute
  • Is a well-meaning man
  • I will take point
  • Look at Sir Ines

Follow Me Ending Ending

  • Load Save 1
  • This makes me nervous (- Ines Affection)
  • That’s so unexpected (- Ines Affection)
  • It will tire me out (- Ines Affection)
  • I think he’s funny (- Ines Affection)
  • Of course it is (- Ines Affection)
  • He’s being deceived (- Ines Affection)

Roselite Ending

Find this ending in Adage walkthrough

Other characters walkthrough: Ines, Adage, Ulrik Ferrie, Eltcreed Valentine, Fin Euclase, Grand Ending


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