Steelrising Weapon Upgrade –

Steelrising Weapon Upgrade is a new feature for Steel Rising, our free-to-play online action role-playing game. With this feature, players can upgrade their weapons to improve their combat abilities and performance.

Steelrising Weapon Upgrade – The purpose of this guide is to teach you how to upgrade weapons in Steelrising. Read on to learn all about how to upgrade your best weapons!

As the story develops, Steelrising’s weapon upgrades make the game more enjoyable to play. From levels 1 to 5, all upgrade items are still applicable. While playing, your weapons will constantly be upgraded. This short guide will show you how to improve weapons in Steelrising.

To upgrade weapons, you need a vestal or horseless carriage. To access your inventory there, click Upgrades and then Weapons. Every level of a weapon has a prerequisite. Spending anima is required to upgrade weapons.

Steelrising Weapon Upgrade – Requirements

Level Anima Bronze Ingot
Level 2 1500 1
Level 3 3000 2
Level 4 5000 3
Level 5 7500 3

Steelrising Weapon Upgrade – Bronze Ingots

Bronze ingots are frequently used to enhance weapons. These originate with:

  • Chests on lower levels.
  • Low likelihood of dropping from dead robots that can be killed or looted. They are more likely to be dropped by larger robots, such as gargoyles and siege-type monsters.
  • White loot sources are prevalent, particularly on dead robot props in lower level zones.
  • Early on, the Boutique starts to offer copper ingots.

Cast Iron

In Steelrising, cast iron is common, especially later in the game, but it is rare at first. Identical to Bronze, Cast Iron loot sources are:

  • Complex adversaries
  • Game-ending chests
  • Boutique

Bismuth Blocks

Only at the end of Steelrising do Bismuth Blocks appear. A late-game item called The Item improves weaponry between level 3-4 and level 4-5.

Typically, Unstable Automats dump Bismuth Block. You can also get them from other places, such buying them from the Boutique when they become available and looting chests in the brand-new areas of earlier levels, usually as a result of side quests.


Orichalcum is the last craftable material. a final-stage item that may be obtained by slaying Titan bosses. But Sentinel and Bishop don’t abandon it. The natural resources of Oricahlcum are scarce.

About Steelrising

Steelrising is an action RPG video game by Spiders and Nacon for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series in which we are Aegis, an automaton who faces the robot army of King Louis XVI to defend the citizens of Paris in a dystopian French Revolution.


Paris, 1789. The city has fallen prey to terror. The Revolution has been bloodily put down by Louis XVI and his ruthless mechanical army. Only Aegis, a true marvel of engineering, can stand against the king’s ranks of automatons and change the course of history.

Take a look at this Steelrising Weapon Tier List:


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