Summoners War Chronicles Monster Tier List

Summoners War Chronicles Monster Tier List is a comprehensive overview of the strongest monsters in the game, organized into tiers based on their overall power. The list is updated regularly as new updates are released, so it is always up-to-date and provides a complete and objective view of the game’s monsters.

Summoners War Chronicles Monster Tier List  – Monster Tier List from the Tier List (Target Characters ranked from Tier S to Tier D)

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Summoners War Chronicles Monster Tier List – Reroll Steps

We advise using the emulator since it features a multi-instance option to help you locate the team composition you’re looking for, making it simpler to reroll numerous times. The LDPlayer Emulator, which can be downloaded at [the provided link], has one of them.

Press Multi-Instance to start as many Android emulators as your PC or laptop can after downloading and installing LDPLayer. Then adhere to the gacha reroll guide for Summoners War: Chronicles below!

These are the steps to reroll:

  1. Launch the game
  2. Account section (main screen) > Sign using guest character / or use email
  3. create your new character
  4. Complete de main tutorial & Gacha your character
  5. Repeat the whole process until you get characters what you wish.

Claim all the valid Codes

One can only hope that enough rerolls will be available in Summoners War: Chronicles to enable one to assemble an awesome team. Best of luck to you.

Summoners War Chronicles Monster Tier List – List

From Tier S, they are the best, to worst Tier D, but all are enemies, so take care with them, which are also pretty good in some fights.

Here, we’ll provide you a list of monsters’ tiers, from S to D, so you can compare their power to that of the 150 other monsters already in the game. The elements of Light, Water, Fire, Wind, and others are also used to categorize each monster, and based on their skill levels, they are either classed as S Tier or D Tier monsters.

Here is the Tier List for Summoners War: Chronicles, a brand-new open-world MMORPG.

Tier S

Tier S are the best monsters of the game, really OP:

  • Monkey King,
  • Chimera,
  • Archangel,
  • Polar Queen,
  • Occult Girl,
  • Panda Warrior,
  • Valkyrja,
  • Dessert Queen,
  • Ifrit,
  • Joker,
  • Pirate Captain,
  • Kobold Bomber,
  • Undine,
  • Beast Monk,
  • Jack-o-lantern,
  • Sky Dancer,
  • Mermaid,
  • Magic Knight,
  • Vampire,
  • Sylph

Tier A

Tier A are quite good monsters, not the best but almost

  • Penguin Knight,
  • Vagabond,
  • Mystic Witch,
  • High element,
  • Griffon,
  • Inugami,
  • Battle Mammoth,
  • Lizardman,
  • Martial Cat,
  • Amazon,
  • Werewolf,
  • Inferno,
  • Cow Girl,
  • Imp Champion,
  • Harpu,
  • Howl,
  • Harg,
  • Epikion Priest

Tier B

Tier B are average monsters, choose them if you like them:

  • Fairy,
  • Living armor,
  • Golem,
  • Grim Reaper,
  • Serpent,
  • Frankenstein,
  • Salamander,
  • Harpy,
  • Charger Shark,
  • Mummy,
  • Imp,
  • Pixie,
  • Hellhound,
  • Garuda,
  • Warbear,
  • Elemental,
  • Yeti,
  • Gore

Tier C

Tier C are below the average monsters, let it be because you like them a lot.:

  • Maned boar,
  • Monster Flower,
  • Skull Soldier,
  • Mischievous bat,
  • Battle Scorpion,
  • Surprise box

Tier D

Tier D are the worst monsters, try to fight against them to improve your skills:

  • Forest Keeper,
  • Horned Frog,
  • Mushroom,
  • Mimick,
  • Slime,
  • Sandman,
  • Ghost,
  • Low elemental

About Summoners War Chronicles

Com2uS has created a brand-new open-world massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Summoners War: Chronicles Tier List. The setting of this game features a world where players can call out three creatures to utilize in battle.

A Summoners War-based action role-playing game

  • Chronicles of the Summoners War
  • There are countless monster combinations available depending on your play preferences, including party play, PvP, strategic dungeons, and more!
  • As a Rahil Guard, your tale of protecting the kingdom begins right now!
  • In this brand-new MMO, Action RPG set in the Summoners War Universe, you can travel a vast world with your Summoned companions by your side.
  • Bring Out Your Best!

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