Equipment Tier List is a competitive online game that requires players to build and manage a team of survivors in order to survive the game. The different equipment tiers used in represent different levels of difficulty and importance for players, as well as their ability to survive in the game. Equipment Tier List – Do you want to know which Equipment is the finest in terms of value and performance? Then have a look at this post for our Equipment Tier List.

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By using this guide, you’ll be able to optimize your character’s gear and rise to the top of the leaderboard.

In, there are six equipment slots for your character, including belts, necklaces, gloves, and more.

While each item can be upgraded to provide even more abilities, this ranking list evaluates each item based on its base stats and categorizes them into S, A, B, and C tiers.

S Tier Equipment is the gold standard, offering the best benefits out of everything in the game. These items should be used in place of pretty much everything else.

  • Necklaces > Eternal Necklace
  • Suits > Eternal Suit
  • Gloves > Eternal Gloves
  • Belts > Eternal Belt, Stylish Belt
  • Boots > Eternal Boots A Tier Equipment

A Tier Equipment is not quite as good as an S tier, but still offers solid protection for you during gameplay. These items are reliable options that should be considered.

  • Necklaces > Metal Neck guard, Trendy Charm
  • Suits > Full Metal Suit
  • Gloves > no one
  • Belts > no one
  • Boots Light Runners B Tier Equipment

B Tier Equipment is fairly middle of the road. It will provide some protection, but it’s best to upgrade or change your equipment at the first available opportunity.

  • Necklaces > Bone Pendant
  • Suits > Army Uniform
  • Gloves > Army Gloves, Fingerless Gloves, Leather Gloves
  • Belts > no one
  • Boots > High Boots, Prosthetic Legs C Tier Equipment

C Tier Equipment should be avoided as much as possible. The protection they offer is not worth the cost of utilizing this equipment in place of something from the above tiers.

  • Necklaces > Army Nameplate, Emerald Pendant
  • Suits > Carapace, Traveler’s Jacket, Protective Suit
  • Gloves > Protective Gloves, Shiny Wristguard
  • Belts > Army Belt, Broad Waistguard, Leather Belt, Waist Sensor
  • Boots > Army Boots, Layered Snowshoes

The Ultimate Guide to the Best EVO Equipment

As a player, it’s important to know which equipment will give you the best advantage in the game.

With six equipment slots for your character – belts, necklaces, gloves, and more – each item can be upgraded to provide even more abilities. In this article, we will evaluate each item based on their base stats and rank them from S to F tier.

It’s important to note that the base rankings for the equipment in tend to change, so you may find that certain categories have only S or F-tier items. In these cases, the ranking system will state NA instead of listing anything in that particular group. > Here


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