Telesto Destiny 2 Emblem Code

Telesto Destiny 2 Emblem Code is a unique code that allows players to instantly unlock one of the game’s most powerful and iconic weapons, the Suros Regime. The Suros Regime is a highly-customizable assault rifle that can be upgraded using Mod Cards, and it is one of the most popular weapons in the game. To obtain the Telesto Destiny 2 Emblem Code, players must first complete the game’s campaign mode. Once they have completed the campaign, they can access a special website where they can enter the code to unlock the weapon.

Telesto Destiny 2 Emblem Code – Redeem codes for Telesto Emblem – Updated List with code reward information.

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Telesto Destiny 2 Emblem Code – Valid Codes

These are all the valid codes that you can redeem for Emblem right now

If you discover any code before we do, leave us a comment so we can add it to the list

How to Redeem Telesto Emblem Code?

These are the steps to redeem Emblems & Shaders Codes:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, or Stadia account
  3. Copy and paste a code from our list into the text area or type the code
  4. Check the Shader Kiosk in the Tower and Emblems
  5. Enjoy your Emblems & Shaders

About Destiny 2 Telesto

Destiny 2 is still dominated by Telesto. The sentient fusion weapon has created an emblem that Guardians can wear as a recruitment tool for its ranks. The mistake was fixed via Twitter and then in-game when an inaccurate code and in-game message were released. Here is your code and the steps for using it.

When the Telesto event happened, the number of Steam users had never been lower. This came after the plot of Season 18 had come to an end and Festival of the Lost had finished its several-week run. Players should naturally start taking a break before Season 19 begins if they feel a little burnt out. But Bungie, who is always eager for gamers to play, managed to smuggle in some amusing stuff surrounding everybody’s favorite misbehaving gun. So be sure to retrieve yours from the vault so you may participate in the fun and claim the emblem.

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