The Diofield Chronicle Best Characters

There are many great characters in the Diofield Chronicle, but a few of our favorites include:

1. Tony DiNozzo
Tony is a hotheaded and passionate FBI agent who is always fighting for justice. He is also fiercely loyal to his friends and family, and he never backs down from a fight.
2. Gibbs
Gibbs is a dedicated Marine sergeant who commands the elite FBI SWAT team. He is intelligent, resourceful, and highly respected by his colleagues and superiors.
3. Ziva David
Ziva is a brilliant Mossad agent who is skilled in both espionage and combat. She is also fiercely loyal to her country and her team, and she will do whatever it takes to protect them.
4. Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano is one of the most powerful mob bosses in New Jersey history. He is ruthless, cunning, and extremely domineering – he knows exactly what he wants and how to get it.

The Diofield Chronicle best characters – Best Characters from best to worst (Tier SS to Tier B). Build your best team and execute your strategy successfully. Play The Diofield Chronicle now!

About The Diofield Chronicle

Diofield Chronicle is a tactical role-playing game designed to take players through a true testing ground of skill. With so few resources at your disposal and no experience-sharing feature, you can only send out your best squad for each mission.

The Diofield Chronicle Best Characters – Tier List

We’ve ranked our Diofield Chronicle characters, from best to worst, right here in this article. In this article, we’ll give players an in-depth look at the best characters in Diofield Chronicle and information that can help you better plan your strategy.

Rank Characters
SS Andrias, Shivat, Tremina
S Donovar, Waltakin, Fredret
A Rickenback, Iscarion, Estalt
B Izelair

The Diofield Chronicle Best Characters

The Diofield Chronicle – Andrias (SS Tier Character)

As the protagonist of the story, Andrias has acquired many skills that will come in handy in the game. His assassination skills are very effective against a single target, especially in boss fights, where his agility stats make him terrifying. His AOE skill, Leap Attack, is a great crowd-controlling attack, and his Shadow Step can do a lot of ambush damage.

The Diofield Chronicle – Shivat (SS Tier Character)

The best healer in the game must be recruited for the dangerous mission. Shivat fits this profile because he successfully balances his healing magic with his attacking magic. Among Diofield’s mage class roles, he has the highest XP statistic and enables his crew to last longer in battle.

The Diofield Chronicle – Tremina (SS Tier Character)

Snipers are very important characters in Diofield Chronicles, one of them is Tremina. The crossbow she uses is very effective, and her skills work well against hordes of enemies. Overall, she is the best range fighter. Her skills like chain shots and headshots take advantage of the enemy’s common weaknesses, dealing massive damage and increasing critical strike chance.

The Diofield Chronicle – Donovar (S Tier Character)

One of the best tank units in Diofield Chronicles is the Donovar. Despite his low health, he has a high health regeneration rate, especially when using the Graceful Axe and Boomerang Axe. His attack stats are at their best when he keeps attacking and recovering HP. Combine him with healing buffs or healing classes and he’ll be an unshakable force.

The Diofield Chronicle – Waltaquin (S Tier Character)

At the start of the game, Waltaquin will join you as a healer. But don’t mistake their noble presence for a minority. She quickly casts healing abilities and makes good use of AOE attacks like the Meteor Shower to deal damage and burn nearby enemies.

Fredet (S Tier Character)

As one of the knights in the game, Fredret has a ton of offensive stats that can knock enemies back. Mounted Charge works wonders by pushing enemies back and gathering them in a fixed position, while Full Frontal Assault is an ability you can overcome with Fredret as he can instantly kill enemies from behind.

Rickenback (A Tier Character)

Despite being an Archer-level unit, Rickenbacks have tremendous luck as they drop HP or XP orbs and even summon orbs when they defeat enemies in Diofield Chronicles. She even has good status effect prevention, diseases like poison and stun are less effective on her.

Iscarion (A Tier Character)

Of the characters in Diofield Chronicles, Iscarion is best suited as an archer, as he can summon hordes of archers to fire fast arrows in a straight line. In combat, he is best used against enemies with his stun shot. His critical strike and overall ambush attack are very useful to enemies at a distance.

Estalt (A Tier Character)

Like Waltaquin and Shivat, Estalt is an in-game image. Although he’s very good at healing and offensive stats, he’s not as strong as the other two. His ability, Frost Bond, is one of the best at slowing down enemies, especially in escort missions.

Izelair (B Tier Character)

Izelair is the slowest of the characters and her skills are very basic. She has some passive abilities that reduce damage, theoretically making her an effective tank, but your offensive abilities will be severely hampered. It is recommended that she add some buffs to her armor and accessories to maximize her defensive stats.


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