The Survival Game Roblox Badges Guide

The Survival Game Roblox Badges Guide is a resource that provides information on how to obtain various badges in the game Survival Games. The badges included in this guide include badges for completing challenges, reaching high levels, and more. This guide is updated regularly, so be sure to check back for new information on how to earn badges in the Survival Games.

The Survival Game Roblox Badges Guide – A guide with explanations to get all the badges in the game, also the Hidden tomb badge

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The Survival Game Roblox Badges Guide

  • The Adventure Begins: Just play the game
  • There Can Be Only One: Kill another player
  • Are You Not Entertained?: Kill 25 total players
  • Rome Wasnt Built In A Day But It Was Burned In One: Kill 100 total players
  • God Of War: Kill 1000 total players
  • Apes Together Strong: Press Q to open the tribe page
  • What’s Yours Is Mine: Attack a kingdom banner until it breaks
  • Kingslayer: Slay the leader of a kingdom
  • Jokes On You: Be in a kingdom and have your role set to Jester
  • Where All Roads End: Have your health reach 0
  • Nature’s Revenge: Have your death be caused by a boar
  • No More Crossing Roads For You: Kill a chicken
  • Captain Of Your Own Fate: Use the hammer and build a boat.
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales: Destroy a boat with a sword or axe
  • Caveman Time: Craft a wooden club
  • Bronze Era: Craft a bronze sword in the copper smithy.
  • Iron Era: Craft an iron sword in the iron forge.
  • Steel Era: Craft a steel sword in the steel smelter
  • Gods And Kings: Rebirth.
  • Demigod: Rebirth 10 times in total.
  • Immortal: Rebirth 100 times in total.
  • Wisdom Of The Ancients: Interact with the Oracle in the jungle.
  • Hidden Tomb: Touch the tomb in the desert biome
  • We Are Legion: Be in a kingdom it has at least 20 members.
  • You Shall Not Pass: Construct 500 castle walls
  • Anyone Can Cook: Cook 50 delicious meals in the cooking stove
  • I Like To Practice: Destroy 100 practice targets.
  • Machines Of War: Fire a bolt out of a ballista.
  • Well Well Well: Construct a well.
  • I’m A Farmer: Till a piece of land using the shovel.
  • Green Thumb: Till 1,000 pieces of land using the shovel.
  • Imperial Era: Craft a bluesteel sword.

Hidden Tomb Badge

Almost all the achievements are quite intuitive, although the one to find the grave is another story. So we leave you this 2-minute video guide of Tangerine so you know how to find the tomb and get your badge


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