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Former Ghana’s president John Dramani Mahama has stated that the Ghanaian youth today see no future as long as they remain in the country of their birth due to Nana Akufo Addo’s managerial ineptitude.

He stated that if precautions are not taken, some graduates and post-graduate degree holders may reach pension age and never have worked in their entire lives, with the exception of national service.

He stated that the desire of Ghanaian youth to seek menial jobs abroad should be a source of concern for all stakeholders.

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Mr Mahama said at the launch of his campaign to become the NDC’s flagbearer again in the Volta region on Thursday, 2 March 2023, that the mass exodus of Ghanaian professionals seeking greener pastures abroad must be of concern.

“The youth see no future in their birth country,” he told his audience. They don’t see a silver lining at the edge of the clouds, which are frequently dark and gloomy, with no rays of sunlight shining through.

“Who is to blame them when after years of struggling to earn an education, they are condemned to unemployment and acute lack of opportunities? If not remedied, through my agenda to Build The Ghana We Want Together from 2025, some graduates and post-graduate degree holders may hit the pension age and never be employed in their entire lives, save for national service.

It should worry us deeply that the average young Ghanaian would grasp any opportunity to flee the despondent climate under which they live in favour of even the most menial jobs in other countries.

“We have always had our people going in search of greener pastures abroad, but the current mass exodus of active workers and professionals is profoundly worrying. The unravelling of our national fabric and the collapse of our economy under this government form the sufficient basis to dismiss all public office holders and politicians, both in government and out of government, as the same.”

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The former Ghanaian leader believes that some Ghanaians have lost faith in the democratic experiment and believe it is no better than other forms of governance, and that “these are the predictable consequences of the President, his Vice, and crop of officials betraying the people’s trust.”

According to Mr Mahama, Ghana’s current state and its effects on citizens bother him a lot, which is why, with the benefit of experience, he has provided alternative solutions and even offered the expertise and knowledge of some of his party’s members to help us get out of the challenges.

Mr Mahama, who is calling for a change in government, stated that he knows how to bring about the much-needed change because, over the last three to four years, he has studied Ghana’s problems, listened to each and every Ghanaian, as well as a variety of scholars and experts, and can say confidently that he has learned a lot during the period and is ready to be the President Ghanaians are looking for.

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