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Two brothers have inspired tons of people online after they shared their story on Facebook depicting how they rose from obscurity to the forefront via persistence and hard work.

According to the content of their post which is fast resonating with netizens, they lost their father at an early age and that was when they decided to face life with their full chest in order to survive.

The elder of the two Abu Bakr Bapube said they started selling charcoal to fund their education from high school to university and by intervention, they are now immigrants in the UK with well-paid jobs.

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Bapube posted;

“He Is My Kid Bro And Friend. Charcoal Was The Business And We Did It Happily Without Any Resentment. That Was How We Paid School Fees Because Dad Died Quite Early (May Allah Have Absolutely Mercy On His Soul). I Remember During My University Days(1st Degree).

We Went To Kumasi-Asokwa To Deliver Charcoal To A Customer Whose Son Was Then In SHS. We Pleaded If The Son Could Help Us And The Woman Quickly Intervened By Saying ”My Son Can’t Do This Job Cos He Attends High School” Of course She Thought With Our Appearances, We Hadn’t Been To Any Classroom Before.

We Didn’t Say Anything But Went Ahead To Do The Job And Moved On. Alhamdulillah, Today Here We Are, Hopping That At least Our Kids Would Have Something Better. To The Young Ones, Keep Working Hard, Stay Away From Crime, And Be More Patient. Allah Will Surely Grant You The Best You Deserve. #persevere”

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