Unequal Codes – Roblox – 2023

Unequal Code is a free online course that teaches developers the basics of data analysis and data visualization using the R programming language. The course covers topics such as data exploration, data manipulation, graphical representation, data analysis techniques, and more.

The goal of Unequal Codes is to provide developers with the skills they need to better understand and analyze their data, and to use that information to make informed decisions. By learning how to use R, developers can develop better insights into their data and improve their understanding of how it works.

All the valid Unequal Codes in one updated list – Roblox Game by RetroBite – Redeem these codes for some boosts, items, and more in-game gifts

Unequal Codes – Full List

Valid Codes

Redeem these codes for some boosts, items, and more in-game gifts

These are currently the active codes

  • MANAWORLDRELEASE – Redeem code for 15.000 Cash
  • TIERINCREASE – Redeem code for some Rewards
  • MANAUPDATE – Redeem code for some Rewards
  • GROUP – Redeem code for some Rewards
  • NOMOREALPHA – Redeem code for some Rewards
  • FREECASH – Redeem code for 50.000 Cash

We will keep this codes list updated, stay tuned

Unequal social media channels:

  • Twitter: ??
  • Discord channel: https://discord.gg/unequal
  • Youtube: ??
  • Join Roblox Group: https://www.roblox.com/games/10761096679/RELEASE-unEqual

Unequal Expired Codes

These codes don’t work anymore:

Unequal Codes FAQ – How to Redeem?

These are the steps to redeem codes:

  1. Launch Unequal on your PC or mobile device
  2. Click on the Twiiter button in the menu
  3. Copy a code from our list
  4. Enter it into the text box
  5. Hit the Redeem button to get your reward

See how the youtuber Gaming Dan Redeems these codes in this video:

How to play Unequal? Roblox Game RetroBite.

Welcome to the Unequal!

Game released October 28th inspired by unordinary 🙂 shifted with imagination

Join the group for a tag and benefits!

Codes: mana world release , tier increase , manga update , group, no more alpha, free cash

1000 likes for next code!

  • Legendaries: Ice manipulation, fire manipulation, time manipulation , lightning manipulation (higher tier = more rare)
  • Rares: gravity , earth
  • Uncommon: wind , explosion
  • Common: illumination , repulsion , invisibility , healing

You can not attack in the safezone and pvp is automatically enabled from level 75 +!

  • Q – dash
  • Space x2 – double jump
  • M – open menu

To reroll your ability open the reroll menu or talk to the reroll npc. (all talkable npcs/ quest givers have question marks on their head.)

Updates Coming – The game is still in its early stages! Expect bugs and changes. More updates coming soon!

TAGS: Anime, Superhero, Roleplay, Magic , Unordinary

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