Warner Bros.’ Content Restriction Has Frustrated The MultiVersus Community

Warner Bros.' Content Restriction Has Frustrated The MultiVersus Community

MultiVersus was the most popular fighting game of 2022, with hundreds of thousands of participants upon launch. During its first season, the game maintained a consistent roster, introducing a new fighter every two weeks. Nonetheless, there has been a dearth of new content for the game in recent months, and Player First Games has gone mute, causing concern among a number of players.

Season two of MultiVersus has received only one new combatant, Marvin the Martian, as opposed to the five DLC characters released in season one. Several players have pointed the finger at Warner Bros., stating that the publishers should have asked the developers to slow down with the updates for the time being.

Some, however, have speculated in the comments that the developers’ radio silence may be a result of the criticism they’ve received in recent months for the game’s lack of content. In spite of this, the MultiVersus community is becoming increasingly restless, as evidenced by the publication of a development log for a game released more than a decade ago, with the request that PFG consider using it.

One thread of comments on an older post (from more than a week ago) expresses surprise at PFG’s lack of response, noting how unusual it is for a developer who has previously demonstrated such concern for the community. In the most recent thread of comments, one user stated, “Can’t call yourself Player First Games and then disappear for four months without providing any goddamn information or explanation…” Another user writes that the silence here is becoming increasingly bizarre.

Tony Huyhn, co-founder of PFG and community darling, appears to have ceased significant communication with supporters as of February’s end. In recent days, he has liked only a handful of tweets, which is a far cry from the frequent retweets and replies his followers had anticipated. Fans have puzzled why Huyhn has been so silent on Twitter for the past four weeks, following the postponement of the third season of MultiVersus.

Regardless of the reason, it is evident that the community is on the verge of lunacy while awaiting PFG’s announcement of the next character or update. The months of social media posts indicate that the once-devoted MultiVersus community is gradually dwindling, so the developer could benefit from making a statement.

Several players are keeping their fingers crossed that the game will be restarted in the coming weeks, when the third season is scheduled to commence. The fan base appears to be adhering to the hope that the upcoming season will follow the same pattern as the first. Many PFG participants are optimistic that the situation will return to normal on March 31.

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