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After attempting to attack a flight attendant in the air with a shattered metal spoon, a Massachusetts man named Francisco Severo Torres was apprehended.

Following a recent stabbing, an American from Leominster, Massachusetts named Francisco Severo Torres has gained attention online.

During a Monday flight from Los Angeles to Boston, a passenger allegedly made a violent attempt to injure a flight attendant. The customer tried to stab the flight attendant in the neck three times using a broken metal spoon, according to the Justice Department.

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The passenger’s attempt to open the emergency departure door precipitated this horrifying episode, underscoring the gravity of the predicament.

Such violent activities aboard a plane are deeply alarming and should not be tolerated.

It was established that Francisco Severo Torres was the perpetrator of this crime. Therefore, this is all the information you require.

Who is Francisco Severo Torres?

Torres is a 33-year-old Leominster, Massachusetts, resident. His name gained attention after he allegedly used a spoon to stab a flight attendant while attempting to open the emergency exit on a flight to Boston.

Francisco was traveling from Los Angeles to Boston when the flight crew received a warning that the emergency slide’s locking lever had been disarmed and that a lock on a side door between the coach and first-class sections had been partially moved from the locked to the unlocked position. This warning came about 45 minutes before landing.

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The flight crew alerted the captain about the event after locking the door and slide, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Torres questioned whether cameras captured him fiddling with the door. The captain was instructed to make an immediate landing after the flight attendant reported him as threatening.

For his reckless activities on board an aircraft, including obstructing and attempting to obstruct flight crew members with a dangerous weapon, Francisco Severo Torres was charged with serious offenses. He was detained after stabbing a flight attendant with a broken spoon.

Francisco Severo Torres’s violent outburst mid-flight was horrifyingly captured on disturbing video by a passenger on United Flight 2609. The footage gave a first-person view of the mayhem and risk Torres’s activities presented to everyone.

Authorities claimed that Torres approached two flight attendants; one of them claimed to have been stabbed three times with a broken metal spoon in the shirt collar and tie.

Torres claimed to have broken a spoon in half in the airplane restroom to create a weapon while speaking with the investigators. He was also tackled by other passengers, and the flight crew helped tie him up.

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