Who is Kay Dummier? School teacher Daniel Scheinert thanked in Oscar speech

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Kay Dummier is a retired Alabama public school teacher. Reports have it that she was working on a jigsaw puzzle when she heard a former student’s voice on television.

An Alabama-born director named Daniel Scheinert was being honoured with his third Oscar of the evening for “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” a movie he co-wrote and co-directed with Daniel Kwan.

Scheinert thanked Dummier and numerous other educators from Shelby and Jefferson County, claiming that they changed his life and motivated him to seek a career in the film industry.

Who is Kay Dummier?

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Kay Dummier was an Alabama public school teacher for nearly three decades. She taught Scheinert in fourth grade. She was the only elementary teacher to be mentioned in Scheinert’s speech.

She stressed reading to all of her students, according to Dummier, who expressed surprise that he recalled her. About ten years ago, she left Oak Mountain School. She currently works part-time for the school system as a substitute teacher and assistant for a driver’s education program.

Dummied said it was a wonderful thing to hear Scheinert highlight public school teachers. “I often watch the Oscars, and I’ve never heard anyone do that. And I thought, ‘Oh, your heart’s in the right place, boy,’” she said.

What did Daniel Scheinert say in his speech?

“I had a fantasy as a kid of winning an award and going up and telling off all the teachers that gave my brother and I detention so here goes. I’m just kidding, these are teachers that changed my life, mostly public school teachers … Ms. Dummier, Mr. Toole, Mr. Hudson, Mr. Chambers, Madame George …”

“You guys educated me, you inspired me, you taught me to be less of a butthead,” Scheinert said.

Daniel Scheinert schools attended

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Scheinert attended Oak Mountain Elementary and Middle School in Birmingham, where Dummier said she taught him in the fourth grade. He also attended Shades Valley High School, a public school in Irondale, Alabama, where he attended the Jefferson County International Baccalaureate School.

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