Why I was once stripped naked in public by my father

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The Ghanaian artiste Kidi has shared in an interview why his father stripped him naked in public back in the day.

Speaking in an interview on the Doreen Avio Show on Joy Prime TV, the “Champagne” hitmaker disclosed how his father got angry for causing trouble in school.

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According to the highlife artiste, he was very stubborn and adamant growing up and because of his stubbornness he didn’t really have a good relationship with his father since he always brought trouble home.

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He added that all the punishments and beatings his father gave him as a way of teaching him a lesson did not make him change from his bad ways until his father decided to teach him a bitter lesson by stripping him naked.

According to Kidi, his father ordered that he be stripped naked in school in front of his other friends for taking his teacher’s food without the teacher’s consent.

KiDi explained to Doreen Avio, “My dad called my big sister. He was like strip him naked, everything, no supporter, nothing, and then, when you are done, put on his church shoes. So picture this, a young kid, naked, wearing only shoes”.

He later admitted that this punishment and the threats made by his father to let him out of the house brought a sudden change in his behavior.

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“My dad said since you want to act all grown up, leave my house and go and live in your own house. I started crying and walking out, and he called me up and things have never been the same. So I feel like that punishment stuck with me more than any beating I have ever received”, the musician shared his pain.

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