Wild Horse Islands Special Coats Guide

The Wild Horse Islands Special Coats Guide provides detailed information about the coat colors and patterns of three dozen wild horse breeds, as well as tips for selecting the right coat color for your horse. The guide also includes descriptions of the physical characteristics of each breed and tips for caring for your horse’s coat.

Wild Horse Islands Special Coats Guide – How to get, all the special coats, potential combos, and new special coat colors

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Wild Horse Islands Special Coats Guide – How to get?

The term “special coats” refers to coats that are unique to bred horses. Only certain coats can be bred together to create these horses. The only aspect of the horses’ coats that matters is their breed, which is irrelevant.

Note: The breed of the special coat outcome will be based on the breed of the breeding mare. For instance, you would utilize a female Arabian if you wanted a Chocolate Palomino Arabian. As of right now, it doesn’t matter what kind of stallion it is.

Wild Horse Islands Special Coats Guide – Full List

These are all the special coats and the combos through which you can get them

  • Chocolate Palomino Special Coat:
    • Liver Chestnut+Gulblakk
    • Liver Chestnut+Any Palomino
  • Sooty Buckskin Special Coat:
    • Buckskin + Dapple Grey
    • Buckskin + Dapple Palomino
    • Dapple Buckskin + Any Dapple
    • Dapple Grey Overo + Dapple Buckskin
    • Dapple Grey Overo + Buckskin Sabino
  • Bay/Grey Chimera Special Coat:
    • Black Sabino + Dapple Grey
    • Black Sabino + Dapple Palomino
    • Bay Sabino + Dapple Palomino
    • Bay Sabino + Dapple Grey
  • Bay Brindle Special Coat:
    • Bay + Chestnut Rabicano
    • Bay + Grulla
    • Grey Brindle + Any Bay
    • Bay Roan + Grulla
  • Grey Brindle Special Coat:
    • Grulla + Any Grey
    • Bay Brindle + Any Grey
    • Black Rabicano + Dapple Grey
    • Black Rabicano + Gra
    • Black Rabicano + Blue Roan
    • Bay/Grey Chimera + Bay Brindle
    • Chestnut Rabicano + Dapple Grey
  • Black Overo Splash Special Coat:
    • Black Overo + Leopard
    • Black Overo + Black Sabino
    • Black Overo + Black Pinto (Friesian’s coat)
    • Black Overo + Black Rabicano
  • Steel Grey Special Coat:
    • Black Rabicano + Grey Blanket
    • Black Rabicano + Blue Roan (Percheron coat)
    • Black Rabicano + Dapple Grey (Clydesdale coat)
    • Black Rabicano + Bay/Grey Chimera
    • Black Rabicano + Dapple Grey Overo
    • Black Rabicano + Gray Tobiano
  • Chestnut Medicine Hat Special Coat:
    • Black Splash Overo + Chestnut (Percheron coat)
    • Black Splash Overo + Red Roan
    • Black Splash Overo + Peacock (legacy & new [v1 & v2])
    • Black Splash Overo + Chestnut (Clydesdale coat)
    • Black Splash Overo + Chestnut Rabicano
    • Black Splash Overo + Chestnut (Appaloosa coat legacy [v1]
    • Black Splash Overo + Chestnut Blanket
  • Flea bitten Special Coat:
    • Bay/Grey Chimera + Red Roan Blanket
  • Black Reverse Dapple Special Coat:
    • Dapple Grey Overo + Any Black (is known to be bugged at the moment)
  • Reverse Bay Brindle Special Coat:
    • Ulsblakk + Bay Brindle
    • Leopard (Appaloosa coat legacy [v1]) + Bay Brindle
    • Black Leopard + Bay Brindle
    • Cremello + Bay Brindle
    • White + Bay Brindle
    • Chestnut Medicine Hat + Bay Brindle

New Special Coat Colours

In this Koolie Reviews video guide, you can see the New Special Coat Colors and how to get them


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