Wylde Flowers Cooking Recipes –

Looking for recipes to prepare with Wylde Flowers? Look no further! Here are some of our favorite recipes that use Wylde Flowers:Wylde Flowers and Garlic Quiche: This quiche is made with garlic, Wylde Flowers, and eggs. It is a delicious and easy dish that can be served as a main course or appetizer.

Wylde Flowers and Asparagus Salad: This salad is made with asparagus, Wylde Flowers, and balsamic vinegar. It is a refreshing and healthy dish that can be enjoyed as a light lunch or dinner.Wylde Flowers and Rice Pilaf: This pilaf is made with rice, Wylde Flowers, and chicken broth. It is a delicious dish that can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

Wylde Flowers Cooking Recipes – Deserts, Drinks, Frypan, Oven, Pot, and Raw Foods – All the Recipes, Ingredients, and the Character’s Favorites


  • 1 Wylde Flowers Cooking Recipes – Deserts
    • 1.1 Deserts II
  • 2 Wylde Flowers Cooking Recipes – Drinks
  • 3 Wylde Flowers Cooking Recipes – Frypan
    • 3.1 Frypan II
  • 4 Wylde Flowers Cooking Recipes – Oven
  • 5 Wylde Flowers Cooking Recipes – Pot
  • 6 Wylde Flowers Cooking Recipes – Raw Foods

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Wylde Flowers Cooking Recipes – Deserts

These are all the deserts cooking recipes:

  • Coconut Macaroon Recipe = 1x Coconut 1x Egg 1x Sugar (Favorite = Zephyr)
  • Texas Brownie Recipe = 1x Butter 1x Chocolate 1x Coffee 1x Flour 1x Sugar (Favorite = Zephyr)
  • Syrniki (Russian Cheese Pancake) Recipe = 1x Blueberry/Blackberry/ Mulberry/Apple 1x Cheese 1x Egg 1x Flour (Favorite = Natalia)
  • Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe = 1x Sugar 1x Sweet Potato 1x Walnut (Favorite = ??)
  • Strawberry Shortcake Recipe = 1x Butter 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Milk/Soy Milk 1x Strawberry 1x Sugar (Favorite = Finn)
  • Snickerdoodle Recipe = 1x Butter 1x Cinnamon 1x Flour 1x Sugar (Favorite = Lina)
  • Rice Pudding Recipe = 1x Cinnamon 1x Milk/Soy Milk 1x Rice 1x Sugar (Favorite = Violet)
  • Precipizi Recipe = 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Honey 1x Rum 1x Sugar (Favorite = Sophia)
  • Persian Love Cake Recipe = 1x Almond 1x Rose Water 1x Saffron (Favorite = Peri)
  • Pancakes Recipe = 1x Butter 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Maple Syrup 1x Milk/Soy Milk (Favorite = Sebastián)
  • Pacoquinha (Peanut Rolls) Recipe = 1x Wheat 1x Peanut 1x Sugar (Favorite = Aryel)
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe = 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Grape 1x Oats 1x Sugar (Favorite = Amira)
  • Nougat Recipe = 1x Blueberry/Blackberry/ Mulberry/Apple 1x Egg 1x Honey 1x Pistachio 1x Sugar (Favorite = Zephyr)
  • Muffin Recipe = 1x Blueberry/Blackberry/ Mulberry/Apple 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Sugar (Favorite = ??)
  • Marmalade Pudding Recipe = 1x Flour 1x Milk/Soy Milk 1x Orange 1x Sugar (Favorite = ??)
  • Haupia (Coconut Pudding) Recipe = 1x Coconut 1x Sugar (Favorite = Kai)
  • Fruit Salad Recipe = 1x Apple 1x Blueberry 1x Grapes 1x Pineapple 1x Strawberry (Favorite = Vanessa)

Deserts II

  • Flan Recipe = 1x Coconut 1x Egg 1x Milk/Soy Milk 1x Sugar (Favorite = Francis)
  • Chocolate Cupcake Recipe = 1x Chocolate 1x Egg 1x Wheat 1x Sugar (Favorite = Emmi)
  • Pumpkin Pie Recipe = 1x Cinnamon 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Milk/Soy Milk 1x Pumpkin 1x Sugar (Favorite = Lina)
  • Blueberry Tart Recipe = 5x Blueberries 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Sugar (Favorite = ??)
  • Malasada Recipe = 1x Cinnamon 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Sugar (Favorite = Aryel)
  • Anzac Biscuit Recipe = 1x Wheat 1x Honey 1x Oats 1x Sugar (Favorite = ??)
  • Apple Pie Recipe = 1x Apple 1x Cinnamon 1x Flour 1x Sugar (Favorite = ??)
  • Tiramisu Recipe = 1x Chocolate 1x Coffee 1x Egg 1x Wheat (Favorite = Juliet)
  • Baklava Recipe = 1x Butter 1x Flour 1x Honey 1x Pistachio (Favorite = Peri)
  • Bread Pudding Recipe = 1x Bread 1x Egg 1x Milk/Soy Milk 1x Sugar (Favorite = Shelby)
  • Brigadeiro (Chocolate Coconut Truffles) Recipe = 1x Almond 1x Chocolate 1x Coconut 1x Pistachio (Favorite = Aryel)
  • Carrot Cake Recipe = 1x Carrot 1x Cheese 1x Flour 1x Sugar 1x Walnut (Favorite = Marty)
  • Cheese Souffle Recipe = 1x Butter 1x Cheese 1x Flour 1x Milk/Soy Milk (Favorite = Otto)
  • Churros Recipe = 1x Chocolate 1x Flour 1x Sugar (Favorite = Violet)
  • Danish Recipe = 1x Blueberry 1x Butter 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Milk 1x Sugar (Favorite = Marty)
  • Banana Bread Recipe = 1x Banana 1x Egg 1x Wheat 1x Walnut (Favorite = Marty)
  • Turkish Delight Recipe = 1x Lemon 1x Rose Water 1x Sugar (Favorite = Peri)

Wylde Flowers Cooking Recipes – Drinks

These are all the drinks cooking recipes:

  • Restorative Tea Recipe = 1x Thistle 1x Moon Flower (Favorite = ??)
  • Spinach Smoothie Recipe = 1x Lime/Lemon/Orange 1x Apple 1x Banana 1x Spinach (Favorite = Vanessa)
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe = 1x Cinnamon Stick 1x Coffee 1x Milk 1x Pumpkin (Favorite = Cameron)
  • Pina Colada Recipe = 1x Coconut 1x Pineapple 1x Rum (Favorite = Francis)
  • Mojito Recipe = 1x Lime 1x Mint 1x Rum 1x Sugar (Favorite = ??)
  • Mint Julep Recipe = 1x Mint 1x Sugar 1x Whiskey (Favorite = Zephyr)
  • Caipirinha Recipe = 1x Lime 1x Rum 1x Sugar (Favorite = Aryel)
  • Lemonade Recipe = 1x Lemon 1x Sugar (Favorite = Thomas)
  • Hot Chocolate Recipe = 1x Chocolate 1x Milk/Soy Milk (Favorite = Marty)
  • Strawberry Daquiri Recipe = 1x Lime 1x Rum 1x Strawberry (Favorite = ??)
  • Honey Lemon Tea Recipe = 1x Black Tea 1x Honey 1x Lemon (Favorite = Peri)
  • Chocolate Milkshake Recipe = 1x Chocolate 1x Milk/Soy Milk (Favorite = Emmi)
  • Chai Recipe = 1x Black Tea 1x Cinnamon 1x Milk/Soy Milk (Favorite = Giva)
  • Cappuccino Recipe = 1x Coffee 1x Milk/Soy Milk (Favorite = ??)
  • Blue Hawaii Cocktail Recipe = 1x Orange 1x Pineapple 1x Rum (Favorite = Kai)
  • Berry Smoothie Recipe = 1x Blackberry 1x Blueberry 1x Strawberry (Favorite = Violet)
  • Banana Smoothie Recipe = 1x Banana 1x Milk/Soy Milk (Favorite = Juliet)
  • Avolatte Recipe = 1x Avocado 1x Coffee 1x Milk (Favorite = ??)
  • Apple Martini Recipe = 1x Apple 1x Lemon 1x Vodka (Favorite = ??)
  • Fruit Punch Recipe = 1x Apple 1x Orange 1x Pineapple 1x Strawberry (Favorite = Otto)
  • Strawberry Milkshake Recipe = 1x Milk/Soy Milk 1x Strawberry (Favorite = Finn)

Wylde Flowers Cooking Recipes – Frypan

These are all the frypan cooking recipes:

  • Caramel Popcorn Recipe = 3x Corn 1x Sugar (Favorite = Zephyr)
  • Succotash Recipe = 1x Green Bean 1x Corn 1x Potato (Favorite = Thomas)
  • Spanish Omelette Recipe = 1x Egg 1x Onion 1x Potato (Favorite = Violet)
  • Spaghetti Puttanesca Recipe = 1x Noodles 1x Olive 1x Tomato (Favorite = ??)
  • Slap Chips Recipe = 1x Fat 1x Potato (Favorite = Damon)
  • Skirlie Recipe = 1x Animal Fat 1x Oats 1x Onion (Favorite = Angus)
  • Schnitzel Recipe = 1x Any Protein 1x Fat 1x Bread (Favorite = Bruno)
  • Satay Noodles Recipe = 1x Any Protein 1x Chili 1x Noodles 1x Peanut (Favorite = ??)
  • Prawns Koliwada Recipe = 1x Chili 1x Coriander 1x Lemon 1x Shrimp (Favorite = Giva)
  • Pierogi Recipe = 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Any Protein/Any Mushroom/ Potato/Onion/Spinach/Cabbage/Cheese (Favorite = Angus)
  • Pav Bhaji Recipe = 1x Cauliflower 1x Chili 1x Coriander 1x Fennel 1x Potato 1x Tomato (Favorite = Giva)
  • Manapua (Pork Dumpling) Recipe = 1x Flour 1x Pork 1x Green Bean 1x Yeast (Favorite = Kai)
  • Sweet Potato Fries Recipe = 1x Fat 1x Paprika 1x Sweet Potato (Favorite = Cameron)
  • Loco Moco Recipe = 1x Any Protein 1x Egg 1x Rice (Favorite = Kai)

Frypan II

  • Fried Flounder Sandwich Recipe = 1x Fat 1x Bread 1x Flounder 1x Flour (Favorite = Bruno)
  • Seafood Fra Diavolo Recipe = 1x Green Bean 1x Shiner 1x Parsley 1x Potato 1x Tomato (Favorite = Sophia)
  • Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe = 1x Chicken Fillet 1x Chili 1x Milk/Soy Milk 1x Tomato (Favorite = Giva)
  • Cape Malay Curry Recipe = 1x Chicken Fillet 1x Chili 1x Potato 1x Rice (Favorite = Damon)
  • Beef Stroganoff Recipe = 1x Beef 1x Mushroom 1x Paprika 1x Tomato (Favorite = Natalia)
  • Beef & Shiitake Recipe = 1x Beef 1x Shiitake Mushroom 1x Onion 1x Wine (Favorite = ??)
  • Arroz con Gandules Recipe = 1x Chili 1x Coriander 1x Olive 1x Rice 1x Tomato (Favorite = Francis)
  • Latke Recipe = 1x Egg 1x Flour 2x Potato (Favorite = ??)
  • Tofu Recipe = 1x Soy Milk (Favorite = ??)
  • Mushroom Risotto Recipe = 1x Any Mushroom 1x Rice (Favorite = ??)
  • Coconut Rice Recipe = 1x Coconut 1x Rice (Favorite = ??)
  • Seafood Paella Recipe = 1x Fish 1x Rice 1x Saffron 1x Tomato (Favorite = ??)
  • Lobster Thermidor Recipe = 1x Butter 1x Cheese 1x Lobster 1x Wine (Favorite = Otto)
  • Vada Pav (Bombay Burger) Recipe = 1x Bread 1x Chili 1x Coriander 1x Potato (Favorite = Giva)
  • Seitan Recipe = 1x Wheat (Favorite = ??)

Wylde Flowers Cooking Recipes – Oven

These are all the oven cooking recipes:

  • Bread Recipe = 1x Flour 1x Yeast (Favorite = ??)
  • Roast Pork Recipe = 1x Apple 1x Pork (Favorite = Westley)
  • Roast Beef Recipe = 1x Beef 1x Carrot 1x Potato (Favorite = Westley)
  • Pizza Dough Recipe = 1x Flour 1x Sugar 1x Yeast (Favorite = ??)
  • Pepperoni Pizza Recipe = 1x Cheese 1x Italian Sausage 1x Pizza Dough 1x Tomato (Favorite = Parker)
  • Peanut Brittle Recipe = 1x Butter 1x Peanut 1x Sugar (Favorite = Sebastián)
  • Nachos Recipe = 1x Avocado 1x Cheese 1x Coriander 1x Corn 1x Tomato (Favorite = ??)
  • Mushroom Pizza Recipe = 1x Cheese 1x Any Mushroom 1x Pizza Dough 1x Tomato (Favorite = Juliet)
  • Lasagna Recipe = 1x Beef 1x Flour 1x Milk 1x Noodles 1x Tomato (Favorite = Juliet)
  • Jeweled Rice Recipe = 1x Almond 1x Pomegranate 1x Rice 1x Saffron (Favorite = Amira)
  • Fish Fingers Recipe = 1x Any Fish 1x Flour (Favorite = Emmi)
  • Empanada Recipe = 1x Cheese/Protein 1x Coriander 1x Egg 1x Flour (Favorite = Francis)
  • Croissant Recipe = 1x Butter 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Milk/Soy Milk 1x Yeast (Favorite = ??)
  • Chicken Kiev Recipe = 1x Bread 1x Butter 1x Chicken Fillet (Favorite = Natalia)
  • Cheese Pizza Recipe = 1x Cheese 1x Pizza Dough 1x Tomato (Favorite = Sebastián)
  • Capricciosa Pizza Recipe = 1x Cheese 1x Italian Sausage 1x Olive 1x Pizza Dough 1x Tomato (Favorite = ??)
  • Bobotie Recipe = 1x Any Protein 1x Egg 1x Milk/Soy Milk 1x Rice (Favorite = Damon)
  • Black Pudding Recipe = 1x Animal Fat 1x Yeast (Favorite = Angus)
  • Beef Wellington Recipe = 1x Beef 1x Flour 1x Mushroom 1x Spinach 1x Wine (Favorite = Otto)
  • Bagel Recipe = 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Sugar 1x Yeast (Favorite = Parker)
  • Asopao (Chicken & Rice) Recipe = 1x Chicken Fillet 1x Olive 1x Rice 1x Tomato (Favorite = Francis)
  • Arroz con Huevos Recipe = 1x Egg 1x Rice 1x Tomato (Favorite = Violet)
  • Roast Salmon Recipe = 1x Fennel 1x Salmon 1x Spinach (Favorite = Westley)
  • Quiche Recipe = 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Spinach (Favorite = Vanessa)
  • Pumpkin Bread Recipe = 1x Butter 1x Cinnamon 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Pumpkin (Favorite = Cameron)
  • Corn Bread Recipe = 3x Corn (Favorite = Thomas)
  • Rumbledethumps Recipe = 1x Cabbage 1x Cheese 1x Onion 1x Potato (Favorite = Angus)
  • Sweet Potato & Coriander Pizza Recipe = 1x Coriander 1x Pizza Dough 1x Sweet Potato 1x Tomato (Favorite = Cameron)

Wylde Flowers Cooking Recipes – Pot

These are all the pot-cooking recipes:

  • Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe = 1x Milk/Soy Milk 1x Mushroom/Shiitake Mushroom (Favorite = ??)
  • Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe = 1x Beef 1x Noodles 1x Tomato (Favorite = Finn)
  • Scottiglia (Mixed Meat Stew) Recipe = 1x Beef 1x Carrot 1x Chicken Fillet 1x Pork (Favorite = Westley)
  • New England Chowder Recipe = 1x Tofu 1x Bread 1x Milk 1x Tomato (Favorite = Lina)
  • Mulled Wine Recipe = 1x Cinnamon 1x Orange 1x Wine (Favorite = ??)
  • Moroccan Carrot Soup Recipe = 1x Carrot 1x Chili 1x Cinnamon (Favorite = ??)
  • Goulash Recipe = 1x Beef 1x Onion 1x Paprika 1x Tomato (Favorite = Shelby)
  • Fish Chowder Recipe = 1x Any fish 1x Vegetable 1x Milk/Soy Milk (Favorite = ??)
  • Fesenjan (Pomegranate Walnut Stew) Recipe = 1x Chicken Fillet 1x Onion 1x Pomegranate 1x Rice 1x Saffron 1x Walnut (Favorite =
  • Amira)
  • Three Sisters Stew Recipe = 1x Pumpkin/Sweet Potato 1x Green Bean 1x Corn (Favorite = Thomas)
  • Corn Soup Recipe = 1x Bread 1x Corn 1x Onion (Favorite = ??)
  • Chakalaka Recipe = 1x Cabbage 1x Chili 1x Paprika 1x Tomato (Favorite = Damon)
  • Cauliflower Soup Recipe = 1x Cauliflower 1x Milk/Soy Milk 1x Potato (Favorite = ??)
  • Cabbage Soup Recipe = 1x Vegetable 1x Cabbage (Favorite = Thomas)
  • Fish Stew Recipe = 1x Fish 1x Vegetable (Favorite = Shelby)
  • Miso Soup Recipe = 1x Shiitake Mushroom 1x Seaweed 1x Soybean 1x Tofu (Favorite = Kim)
  • Ramen Recipe = 1x Tofu 1x Chili 1x Egg 1x Shiitake Mushroom 1x Noodles 1x Soybean (Favorite = Kim)
  • Spring Stew Recipe = 1x Green Bean 1x Carrot 1x Cauliflower 1x Potato (Favorite = ??)
  • Pumpkin Soup Recipe = 1x Milk 1x Potato 1x Pumpkin (Favorite = ??)
  • Chicken Soup Recipe = 1x Carrot 1x Chicken Fillet 1x Noodles 1x Onion (Favorite = Sophia)
  • Tomato Soup Recipe = 1x Parsley 1x Tomato (Favorite = Shelby)

Wylde Flowers Cooking Recipes – Raw Foods

These are all the raw foods cooking recipes:

  • Sushi Recipe = 1x Fish 1x Rice 1x Seaweed (Favorite = Kim)
  • Avocado Toast Recipe = 1x Avocado 1x Bread 1x Coriander 1x Lime (Favorite = Cameron)
  • Buddha’s Delight Recipe = 1x Shiitake Mushroom 1x Noodles 1x Peanut 1x Tofu (Favorite = Kim)
  • Chopped Cheese Sandwich Recipe = 1x Beef 1x Bread 1x Cheese 1x Tomato (Favorite = Parker)
  • Cream Cheese Bagel Recipe = 1x Cheese 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Sugar 1x Yeast (Favorite = Parker)
  • Fennel Salad Recipe = 1x Apple 1x Fennel 1x Lemon 1x Olive Oil 1x Walnut (Favorite = Vanessa)
  • Golubtsi (Stuffed Cabbage) Recipe = 1x Any Protein 1x Cabbage 1x Rice 1x Tomato (Favorite = Natalia)
  • Italian Sausage Recipe = 1x Fennel 1x Pork (Favorite = ??)
  • Lobster Roll Recipe = 1x Bread 1x Butter 1x Lobster 1x Parsley (Favorite = Lina)
  • Noodles Recipe = 1x Egg 1x Flour (Favorite = ??)
  • Poke bowl Recipe = 1x Avocado 1x Chili 1x Pineapple 1x Rice (Favorite = Kai)
  • Smoked Salmon Bagel Recipe = 1x Egg 1x Flour 1x Salmon 1x Sugar 1x Yeast (Favorite = Sophia)
  • Tabbouleh Recipe = 1x Mint 1x Olive Oil 1x Parsley 1x Tomato (Favorite = ??)
  • Zeytoon Parvardeh (Marinated Olives) Recipe = 1x Mint 1x Olive 1x Pomegranate 1x Walnut (Favorite = Amira)
  • Sugar Recipe = 1x Sugarcane (Favorite = ??)


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